The Grace Before Dying community exhibition consists of five 7' x 7' photo/text panels and two 6' x 7' quilts that are handmade by the incarcerated hospice volunteers at the Louisiana State Penitentiary. The panels and quilts can be arranged to fit almost any space. The panels come with their own lighting if needed. Two people can put up the exhibit in approximately two hours.

The exhibit continues to engage diverse communities throughout the United States. It was built for display in correctional facilities in Louisiana and Mississippi, but it has since been exhibited in museums, libraries, farmers' market, colleges. conferences and community centers.

The only costs include shipping and a suggested $200 donation towards the exhibition's maintenance. The minimum non-conference showing period for the exhibition is four weeks but we will do our best to accommodate your needs. The exhibition comes crated and labeled with instructions for assembly. We will send advance press materials upon request.




St. Joseph's University library. 2011.



Launch of Grace Before Dying at the Angola Prison hospice chapel. 2009.



Boise ID Saturday Market. 2011.



The incarcerated hospice volunteer quilters with their piece, Travelin' On. 2009.

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